Resume/Artist's Statement

NEBULA II 48 X 48 . Acrylic on Canvas

NEBULA II 48 X 48 . Acrylic on Canvas


Space Walks is a recent (late 2017-2019) series that took me in a new direction.  The result is a growing collection of abstract interpretations of NASA space photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and Voyager 2.                                 I’m loving the experience.  It’s my first time working in acrylic and without brushes.  I apply the paint with manipulated rice paper.  It’s been a wonderful intellectual adventure.  My canvases grow larger year after year but still fit within my West Tisbury studio.                                   

I also love to paint en plein air.  Those paintings are done in oil, applied with palette knives.  Working outdoors is challenging.   Though plein air is a summertime joy of mine, the work informs my studio work.

COMMUNITY WORK:                                                                                                                              I am a member of BBBS, Big Brothers Big Sisters.  My ‘Little’ is a twelve years old who sees herself as an artist.  That’s why we were matched.  Over the year and a half that we’ve known each other, we’ve seen a number of animated films in 3D.  But our favorite pastime is painting together on the beach and in my studio.  She helps me hang my solo shows and attends the opening receptions.  I admire her most when visiting art shows.  I have to drag her out of the galleries when it’s way past  time to go.


Journalism Bachelor’s Degree w/Art Minor at Northwestern University Kansas City Institute of Art
Chicago Art Institute
New York Art Students League


FIREWORKS. Old Sculpin Gallery, Edgartown MA NY Westchester Art Show
Malibu Art Festival
La Jolla Art Exhibition MV Artisans Festivals
Vineyard Conservation Society Art Auction Featherstone for the Arts

Old Sculpin Gallery
Edgartown, MA
Gallery Gallery (my studio/gallery) West Tilbury, MA
Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Affiliated Artist Larchmont, NY
Blue Gallery / 2016-2018 Provincetown, MA


News and documentary film at NBC and PBS



914-830-9288 (cell)

Valentine G. Estabrook